When visiting Usha for counselling most clients reach their breakthrough at the 3rd or 4th session.

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Parent and Children Workshops

Josef, 9 year old
I made new friends. It’s fun doing all the activities. I really enjoyed the massage.  I enjoyed the football outside. When you think and listen to the music you get relaxed. At school you do work and here you do activities which I enjoy. In the workshop you learn more things like massage and how to relax properly. It helps you to take your fears away. You learn ways of calming down. I’ve learnt how to think positively.
Karim, 9 year old
In the Healing Feeling club, I enjoyed the massage and breathing, making the stress balls, and playing games.  I’d say it is about finding different ways of relieving your stress.  It’s fun because you play different kinds of games and make different things.  In the Healing Feeling 4 Kids, what I learnt was that you could change negative thoughts into positive thoughts.
Marylse, 10 year old
I enjoyed making the stress balls and doing the mirror work.  It helps you to relax and takes your worries out.  I tried the relaxation at home and did what the ‘creature’ told me to…I played snakes and ladders with my brother and now he’s stopped hitting me.
Louis, 9 year old
I enjoyed the Healing Feeling because it teaches you different ways of relieving stress and anger.  You learn different kinds of massage.
I like it because it teaches you how to calm your temper, to relieve stress and how to relieve worries.

In the Healing Feeling  club, I learnt that if you write a letter your anger would go away.  I enjoyed making the stress ball.  It’s fun and it teaches how to massage others.

Parent of 8 year old
A while ago, I was put in touch with Usha as my daughter aged 8 suffered from her first panic attack which filled her with fear and she couldn’t draw a line from real/not real.  Her sleep was affected and her younger sister started copying her behaviours, she didn’t and wouldn’t go anywhere with friends after school, parties, trains etc  It started to get me down and it affected the whole family to breaking point. Then, what I call a real miracle happened.  She started work with Usha, the kindness, the patience, understanding and wisdom and knowledge of this lady who worked with my daughter once a week, where she would share all her worries and fears, trust between them both became apparent very quickly.  I was so surprised that within the first week, bedtime became manageable and as time went on it was like the fear was removed and bedtimes were and still are a pleasure.  There wasn’t a week that went by that my daughter didn’t want to see Usha, she looked forward to it and with enthusiasm as she was feeling so much better, so much happier, so content, the work they continued to do together enabled My daughter to sahre her worries in a safe and trusting environment.  The work was enjoyable.  Usha used art, games, stories, books and there was lots of chatting and laughter. During this time, my shy, unconfident, fearful daughter began to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  She performed at the Royal Variety Performance and she worked with Andrew LLoyd Webber – something she would never have achieved if it wasn’t for the work with Usha.  she’s just been offered a choir part in Joseph and the Technicoloured Dreamcoat for 3 days in the summer and in her school play she was the main character and sang 3 solos – she was like a different child. I don’t know where we all would have been if it wasn’t for Usha and the Healing Feeling.  My daughter is working with all Usha taught her.  I am eternally grateful for Usha. As a mum, it was very stressful and painful to see my daughter in such terrible states, byt the work she has done, it has changed her whole outlook on life – kind of giving her a fresh start – it’s been an amazing journey that I would recommend this work to any parent who has the same problems in their child.  It has changed my daughter in so many other positive ways where we now have time for fun things and we’re all enjoying the benefits of The Healing Feeling. Thank you Usha, you truly are a star.
Parent of 11 year old
Jordan got a great deal out of the ten week course we did with Usha and other mums and kids. Following this, his individual work with her has given him further strategies for when he is anxious and thinking negatively about himself and situations. Most importantly, Jordan has been able to benefit from the relationship he has with Usha, which has meant that everything they have explored together has had meaning for him. He has been able to process deeply painful experiences and has grown in confidence in himself. I know that he will always remember his sessions because he felt totally accepted, valued and supported in his growth, as well as having fun along the way. Thank you.
Parent of 11 year old
Alex is a more confident and positive child.  He now has a range of new strategies to help him deal with the ups and downs of modern day life.
Parent of 8 year old
My child is less stressed and more relaxed.  She is more confident in talking to me – more open about things.  This course is a worthwhile investment.  In the parent session I felt connected and shared something worthwhile.
Sister of 8 year old
She has become more relaxed and can control her anger better as she is usually quick to anger.  She feels better about herself and her height issues.  I would say that this course is a very small price to pay for your child’s happiness and teaches them valuable lessons they can use throughout their lives.  I got to understand how she reacts and interacts with others and how she feels about herself. Bring the classes into schools so that more children can benefit from this life changing course. (Sister attended the Summer 2007 workshop)
Parent of 10 year old
At the beginning of the year we were at the end of our tether as our son’s bullying at school had reached a crescendo and it seemed like everywhere we turned, no one wanted to help. He was steadily going downhill and we were beside ourselves with worry and felt so helpless – we wanted our boy back.  Then he began his sessions with Usha and the progress began and then steadily improved and I as his parent learnt so much about myself. He is now so much more confident and we truly feel that we have our child back and can’t thank you enough!  Parents and kids in this situation need a “pocket Usha” that they can call on whenever they need to – thank you 🙂

He’s become more open to talking about how he feels to me, more than usual.  The workshop has helped me observe T without him knowing – he is much more calm and relaxed.  What I would say to other parents is that their children will love the experience of connecting to other children and not being alone in their worries.

(4 months later), this parent wrote to me and gave me a synopsis of a conversation she had with T..”It’s been four months since you did the summer workshop, do you think it has been a benefit to you?

His answer was immediate…
T “Oh yes, I’m much more relaxed and I don’t get anxious anymore”
Parent “Could you give me an example of a time when you noticed the difference?”

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Adult Group Workshops

Awele & Tracy

Lana, Accounts Assistant
I was fortunate to attend the above course a year ago, which was run by Usha Chudasama.  I had already read a couple of Louise Hay’s books and was therefore familiar with her philosophies, yet Usha really brought them to life with her amazing enthusiasm .I think she is the most positive person I’ve ever met and this positivity becomes wonderfully infectious !

I learned so much! To be grateful to the Universe for the” smallest ” things such as the duvet that covers me and keeps me warm. To love myself and to give quality time to ME. Usha showed us an exercise for how to forgive someone to whom you’ve held resentment for a long time. I used this with regard to my closest friend and was able to let go of these feelings. Since then. I’ve felt closer to her.

All I’ve learned I regularly share with my adult children. I never stop learning!

Whilst I realize that changes can only be brought about the individual, a “good” teacher is essential. We couldn’t have asked for a better one – Thank you Usha

Vishnu, Retired Doctor
I am a confident and optimistic person therefore I had no real ‘agenda.’  I just wanted to see what the course has to offer and I must say I am pleasantly surprised.

I am a senior citizen and I hail from a culture where most of the subjects taught on the course are acceptable and practiced.  Our holy books are full of examples of this ‘esoteric’ practice.  I can deduce therefore that I am not entirely new to the subjects on the timetable.

Having said this, I would like to acknowledge the fact that I have progressed in my spiritual practice and the course has encouraged me to ‘look more indepth.’  It would appear that I have benefited from the various ‘exercises.’  My blood pressure is lower and has been consistently so.  I notice that I sleep better.  I was glad that I was able to meet with adults of different age groups, ethnic backgrounds and religions who think on similar lines as myself.

I have reinforced my existing knowledge and surely I must have learned new things as my folder is full of handouts (and scribbles from the course).  I look at these notes frequently and am thankful that I came across a course leader as Usha.

Lesley, Counselling Student
I feel that since starting the course I have begun to think more positively.  I was unsure initially that it was possible to change a lifetime of negative thinking.  I have found myself thinking and feeling differently.  I know that for the first time in my life, I am actually beginning to love myself.  I find myself thinking and saying to myself, and others I am worth something.  I do count.  I am important.

People have noticed changes in me – so there must be something to this – I’m moving in the right direction.

Nicky, Make-up artist
The course has enabled me to really look at myself and my inner strengths and weaknesses.  So far the work has been very powerful which includes the mirror work and the inner child work.

I have noticed that I have become calmer in my surroundings and more tolerant to people.  I have less negative thoughts and actions and people are saying that I seem happier and much more positive.  My alopecia is much improved.  I want to say thank you for making me believe, without the class I may not be where I am heading.

Gurmeet, Teacher
It has helped me to release negative feelings ie anger, disappointments, guilt which has left more space for positive thoughts.  I found the forgiveness exercise particularly beneficial.  I have also begun to have more faith in my affirmations.
Julia, Teacher
The course has made me analyse what has happenend over the last few years.  This has helped me to think about what I am doing now and what I would like to do in the future.
Kiran, Teaching Assistant
This course is designed to work if you do the work. You need to be sure you want to heal your life – if you are sure then it will happen – be warned!
Raheela, Life Coach
I enjoyed the singing…it lifted class spirits.  affirmations were wonderful. A wonderful hardworking soul searching experience. This course has made me even more determined and will use these tools to move me forward…it has been very beneficial regarding my relationships with people… my relationships have improved with affirmations.
Naz, Home Office Advisor
I had been unhappy for sometime…I kept a journal …things started happening when I started visualisation and affirming positively. I started to attract positive people and I created a new circle of people at work.
Hayley, Marketing Business
Realising that I never quite believed good things happen and stay good. I am now optimistic. I now don’t blame anyone and know I can change things, not wait for other people to do it. This course has made me a more positive person which means people around me are more upbeat and optimistic.
Anita, Counselling Student
I have enjoyed the course and it has fulfilled all my expectations. I am becoming more positive and confident in myself. I am learning how to cope with stressful situations and people more easily. I have learnt how to forgive, which is something I never thought I could do. I am learning to release anger. I have enjoyed learning and listening to you Usha, you are a very motivational and positive influence to us all – thank you
Deborah, Home practitioner
I feel the course has provided me with the tools to get to know the ‘real’ me and learn to love me, although I didn’t realize that I didn’t know or love myself very much.  Somehow, you have switched on the light and I’m ready to shine! – if that makes sense. (July 2006)

Dear Usha,
Just thought I would say hi, and provide you with an update on what has been happening since I last saw you in class. I often think of you but the reason I am contacting you today is I have just re-read alot of the handouts you gave me back in 2006 (it doesn’t seem that long ago). Since I found the Heal Your Life work I hadn’t realised how far I have actually come. It has been a gradual process with me, which was hard to accept because I do tend to want to run before I can walk, so I did expect real ‘in your face’ life changing effects as opposed to what was happening. A gradual peeling of an onion kind of effect. I noticed today that there has been major changes for me – Through the HYL workshops I am more self aware , I have a better sense of responsibility (back in 2006 it was everybody elses fault why my life wasn’t how it was meant to be) now I know I create my own reality. I have better relationships – I can communicate my needs better. Challenging things still happen, but now I deal with them. Whereas, I never had the strength to before it was just all crap!!and likely to stay that way if I hadn’t changed my perception. I realised from looking at the handouts how much time and effort you put into our classes, you were and still are today a real inspiration.

If anyone is thinking about enrolling on a course I would say go for it they wont be disappointed.  My life has improved no – end. I must admit I still have days when I become skeptical and say this is all mad, it isn’t working – then I think of how life was and realise ‘ this work does work, go and look in that mirror, tell yourself how much you love you.  Write your affirmations.  Reflect,then I move swiftly on – along that path of self discovery and all good things.  Thank you for being there and handing me the tools.

Manjeet, Teaching Assistant
I found the course really helpful in allowing me to analyse my thoughts and think about the changes I am making in my life.  I find ‘I approve of myself’ more than previously and this is helping me to move in the right direction.
Suzette, Counselling Student
There are no words to say what this course has meant to me, so I would like to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You from my mind, body and soul.

Suzette, Counselling Student
There are no words to say what this course has meant to me, so I would like to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You from my mind, body and soul.
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One to One

Sarah, (Aged 21) – Nurse
A year ago, it would probably have taken an army of comedians and then some, to attempt to turn my frown upside down. Years of self-hatred, guilt and feelings of rejection had led me very close to deliberate self-harm. I needed alcohol to ease into any social situation so that I could just not be me for a couple of hours, drinking just for the sake of getting absolutely drunk. Constant crying and feeling like I wanted to be swallowed up by the ground just overtook my daily life. After just one session with Usha, I realised there was hope. After a year of what I like to call Self-healing, I have progressed so much. I am so happy now and grateful for everything I have. I am so much more confident and assertive and I love to go out and have a great time with my friends and workmates. Most important of all, I have learnt to love myself for who I am…and I really believe it! I have so much more to learn and these sessions have showed me that there is a whole forest of opportunities out there for me to discover. I am so grateful for this chance and would recommend these sessions to anyone searching for their ultimate happiness.
Karin, Psychotherapist
I started life coaching with Usha Chudasama with a vague idea that I wanted to explore what I was mean’t to be doing for a living. I had given up my businesses 2 years earlier, and still felt unclear as to what my life purpose/direction was.
he process of life coaching has facilitated me exploring the past in terms of the creative projects I have completed, the past in terms of the skills I have acquired and the past in terms of what inspired and enthused me.  Through the one to one work with Usha I rekindled my passions, enthusiasms and dreams.  This started to influence my goals then subsequently my decisions.Initially I had a vague goal of a well-being centre in a years time. This expanded into something that became real to me, which made it possible to break it down into a 12 month plan.

The process took me into exploring the practical planning required to make my dream reality. The research I then undertook became more focused eliciting the information I needed to move forward.

What I most noticed was that my dream went from my head to my heart. I believe this was due to Usha’s continual belief in my ability to achieve my goals, her genuine enthusiasm for my dream and my achievements throughout the sessions. The respect, support and encouragement from Usha has activated a person in me that I recognise as my true self, a person I have enjoyed meeting and believe in. This has had a knock on effect on all areas of my life ie I have activated a social life! As well as enjoying the company of my family and friends more. The other areas of benefit proved an added bonus beyond what I initially believed I could benefit from lifecoaching, which has expanded my whole life.

Deepa, Psychology Student
The life coaching with Usha has helped me personally in a number of ways. Usha, as a life coach, has taught me that to think positively initially is a huge milestone to reach, particularly in terms of the domino effect that it can have as a fundamental foundation to a refreshing new way of thinking

The coaching has provided me with a different perspective to my outlook on life, and although I found it quite difficult to “break the mould” initially, with Usha’s encouragement and patience, she has provided me and helped me to further my use of particular strategies that I can use in everyday life in order to maintain a positive way of thinking. She has also taught me that it is OK to make mistakes, and that simply to be aware of them is a step in the right direction, and a reminder of my success to thinking more positively.

What I enjoyed most about the sessions was that in no time, I was able to feel comfortable enough to address my thinking styles, and with some encouragement, Usha helped me to develop, demonstrate and practice new skills. I feel that the skills that I have been taught will stay with me for life because, inevitably, we all face debatable situations, but now I feel as though I am able to release negativity, and also remember to embrace myself, my life and the people in it with a more positive attitude.

Usha has also taught me to be more independent with these newly acquired skills, and reminded me that when I feel that I need help, I can also rely on myself to find a solution. Usha has been a fantastic life coach. I never believed that I could change in my first session, but over time I can see that I have come a long way. Although I still have much to learn, for this particular journey, I feel lucky enough to have had Usha there to be a source of encouragement, patience and positivity to me, always. I have never met an individual who is so caring, so committed and so dedicated to what they do. Even when I gave up on myself, she never gave up on me.

To conclude, I have infinite admiration and gratitude to Usha for reminding me of my own powers within me to take control of my life in a positive manner, and I would recommend her to any person who is willing to change and looking to do the same.

Naz, Home Office
This has been the first time I have been coached. My experience of this kind has been motivating. My comments from the first session:

I thought that it was brilliant to be prepared prior to the session as I had some pre work to do which consisted of questions that I had to give back to Usha. I had to give a lot of thought to the questions. It gave me a deeper understanding of what it is that I need and also reflecting upon what I have now. I narrowed my findings about myself. It was a challenge as it was tough writings things down, especially about value and appreciation about my life. I did get there in the end. Reflecting back to this exercise it gave me a starting point on what I wanted to focus on with my coach.

The wheel of life was amazing as I was able to use this as a tool to concentrate on the factors that I had marked less on to identify how bumpy my wheel was. I discussed my reasons with Usha and in doing it helped me to understand myself better and concentrate on what I need to work on to make the wheel smoother. I understood that in order to concentrate on one factor it also affected the other factors.

Feedback from the first session:

I did get a huge amount of positive ideas from my session. I liked the way Usha was able to support my ideas. Her coaching skills were definitely reflected throughout this. She was able to keep a very steady rapport with me. The session was enjoyable and I look forward to the next.

Throughout all the sessions I was able to discuss openly, and express myself and felt comfortable and knowing I was getting the full support from my coach. As mentioned earlier I think this has been a motivating experience for me.

Coaching has helped me to achieve set goals. It has disciplined me to keep to my timescales. It has helped me to spend time to myself where I can reflect on what I want and need to step in the right direction.

I can use these skills everyday as part of my life plan as these skills are indispensable. The tools have helped me to plan and take steps to push things forward. I personally am very lucky to have had a chance to experience coaching with Usha. These skills will help me everyday. I have also learnt that there are various approaches to get results. Personally I have gained heaps of knowledge and have applied them even if they haven’t worked instantly. I have taken other routes such as re-planning, keeping myself motivated, and reading different materials.

I enjoyed all my sessions with Usha as she has been an inspiration for me and the reasons for this has been during the sessions and then going away to think and taking actions, writing events down and sharing experiences with Usha have helped enormously.  I felt so good about myself and I also found that I achieved my set results and  had lots of ideas that I wanted to write down and get on with. This has also opened my creativity side of things that I thought I had lost. The one to one discussions have been great and I was able to open myself up and discovered a lot about what I already have in terms of skills and knowledge. I found Usha very encouraging and understanding and if I had an opportunity again for her to coach me I would definitely take it up again.

Dana, Therapist
Usha is an incredibly kind hearted person with a lot of willingness to give. She conducts and leads her sessions with confidence, determination and 100% belief in whomever she is coaching.

Usha’s coaching sessions acted as a wake-up call for me. I had a lot of decisions pending, which I desperately needed to act upon. I felt as if so much was holding me back/keeping me stuck from doing anything. I was unable to make a single decision and keep to it. I initially found it difficult deciding what i needed help with, as there was so much-…so i worked with a few subjects. Usha gave me “homework” every week, and she inspired me to work/focus on ONE thing rather than so many.  She also inspired me with the “flip-switch”, which is changing a thought pattern.

Usha’s sessions became uncomfortable at one point because i felt so stuck and knew what i needed to do. At the end of July 2006 i was due to go on holiday for a month and there i did some much needed reflection. And I decided to make a decision.. i don’t want to suffer anymore, in fact THAT LIFE isn’t for me anymore, all due to not making a decision, so from now on I’m going to make decisions. And consequently felt supremely and tremendously empowered. When i returned and saw Usha, on what i decided would be our last session, Usha commented on how much i had changed.

Another big deal for me was time-keeping, and from the very first session Usha commented in a very positive way which really helped me, and in my daily life still does. So thank you, thank you, thank you…..

Lots of love

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Educational Training

Sue Allen