3 Reasons To Celebrate Global Family Day on 1st January

What is Global Family Day?   

Did you know that in November 1997, the UN declared a launch of an “International Decade for the Culture of Peace and non-violence for the children of the world.”  This was followed in 1999 by an invitation to the UN member states and a vote in the US congress backed this declaration. Global Family Day is celebrated by two-thirds of the world’s population as a “Day of Peace.” You can read more about it here.

So what does it mean to me?

Those people that know me really well, will know how important the family unit is for me, so while I was setting my intentions for 2016 and came across this, it aligned with my values and I am going to adopt it as an annual event in my nuclear family, so that I can make a conscious change for my future generations.  

3 Reasons To Celebrate Global Family Day:

  1. Now Is A Great Time To Make Family Resolutions

Last night, as I was watching the fireworks on TV, thousands of people had gathered near the London Eye to welcome in the New Year with their loved ones. Traditionally, 1st January is a time when people make New Year’s resolutions; it is a time of looking forward to new beginnings and generally letting go of past bad and sad moments. People will cut out chocolate, alcohol or make a new regime for fitness and health (all with good, but not always lasting, intentions).

  1. You Learn The Most From Your Family   

As I was setting my intentions for 2016, I remembered something my lovely dad always says. He says that the family unit is like a university. It is the one place where you learn about leadership, guidance, get mutual support and prepare for adulthood – good and bad.  It is like a training ground for life.  

  1. Appreciate Your Family – It Is The Only One You Have

So for me, it is a day for promoting peace, by celebrating and acknowledging my family. Global Family Day recognises that we are all part of a global family that is the human race.  I believe that if we start with our own families, this is the first step to live in harmony as a global family.

Today, we will celebrate by sharing food, talking and making a New Year’s Resolution, to do something peaceful for ourselves and for the planet. Personally, for 2016 I will take some time out for rest and relaxation (which I now recognise I don’t do enough of) and for the planet, I will send out absent healing and positive thoughts for those that are less fortunate than myself.



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