6 Child-Friendly Activities For The Summer Holidays

With the sun shining and the summer holidays starting, it is hard not to be in a good mood! What do you have planned with your kids this summer?

I would love to share with you 6 fun activities to do with your kids this summer holiday:

  1. Make healthy food together – you could try making popsicles – here are a few ideas to get you started. Teaching your children the benefits of healthy eating from a young age will benefit them for years to come.
  2. Get outside – play together in the park. This will get the kids active and exercising without them realising it and gives you quality time to bond together. Start with some ball games or frisbee and take a pack of cards for when they are worn out. Getting them outside is a great way to get them away from screens – they have more opportunities to develop social skills in the real world rather than at home in front of the TV.
  3. Meditate – after a tiring day at the park, you can teach your children to meditate by using guided meditations you can easily find on YouTube. Try and weave meditation into your child’s daily routine – you could even do it together as a family. This will help everyone in the household to feel calm and spend quality time together.
  4. Artwork – get messy with paint, crafts and play dough. Let your children find out what they like to do best and enable them to get creative and express themselves in a new way. You can use this time to talk to them while they are creating.
  5. Massage – you can massage your child, and they can massage you in return. Make sure you ask each other’s permission first to help them understand respect for others. Start with basic techniques to build and enforce positive touch.
  6. Your Happy Child – Grab a copy of my best selling book – it has loads of activities you can do with your child while you have more time together over the holidays. Click here to buy it.

Please message me if you decide to try any of these activities and how your children enjoyed them! I would love to hear how your summer is going. Please get in touch using the form below.

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