Brexit: Keep Calm & Carry On

The UK and Europe have been through an emotional rollercoaster over the last few weeks and months approaching the EU referendum, dubbed #Brexit. Now, in the aftermath of the decision to leave Europe, the people of the UK are concerned about the future and what might happen next. The Government is changing, the Pound Sterling is losing value and racism is surfacing. The media entices a lot of fear and they have recently reported violent acts of racism very close to my own home town.

If we allow fear to cloud our own judgements, then this will affect our consciousness which then creates our reality. Do you want to create fear, worry, uncertainty, and hatred?  By not educating ourselves in what is actually the truth of the matter and following the crowd is a choice you are making.  If you choose to do that, you are doing what the media want you to do – they want us to divide, be in fear, hate people, judge other people, and not understand each other.

We are better than that, aren’t we?

We need to see past the distractions and unite. We need to align with each other and appreciate how similar we are, or we are never going to be able to talk about real, workable solutions. It is time for a shift in the way we do things and it starts with us, every single one of us. We have to start uniting as a global community and start connecting with who we truly are rather than staying divided in the hate that is being programmed into us from external forces.

It is our choice. It is your choice. It starts with consciousness.

During a time of change like this, we need to learn how to keep grounded and not let external forces cause us stress.  When we are grounded, we can think more clearly and communicate more effectively.  

Don’t let the external chaos interrupt your inner peace.

Here are three ways to do this for you, your children and your family.

1. Gratitude

  • Be thankful for everything you have in your life.
  • Spend a few minutes over dinner, before bed or first thing in the morning speaking to your loved ones about what you are grateful for. Make it into a game for children – ask each person in turn to say “I am grateful for…” and keep going without repeating any (but it’s ok if you do).
  • Keep a gratitude diary, which is a great way to keep a note of everything you are grateful for so if you find yourself upset or stressed, you can read it to remind you how lucky you are. Your thoughts have power and you will attract more things in your life to be grateful about.

2. Relaxation

  • Take a few minutes a day to do some deep breathing. Take a seat where you are comfortable and take some deep breaths. Focus on your breath – breathe in for 4, hold it for 4 and then breathe out for 4. Do this for about 3-4 rounds and you will notice you feel calmer already.
  • Switch off from your devices – your smartphone is a handy personal item, but it also brings bad news (about the downside of Brexit and other current affairs), it takes time away from other important things like family time and it can prevent good sleep if you use it in bed.
  • Balance your work life with social activities to make sure you are having fun, as this will help with stress release.

3. Train Your Brain

  • Retrain your brain to have a different belief system if the one you have is no longer serving you.
  • Think about what you would like to believe and begin writing affirmations in line with your new beliefs to help you change your thinking.
  • Part of the work I do involves affirmations and changing your mindset. I would be happy to help you here – please get in touch using the form below or email me on

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