Are you going through changes at home?   Perhaps you've experience a recent loss?  these situations can all lead to shock and confusion, fear of the future and so on.  


Children's feelings about events such as break-ups or break-downs can be just as strong as parents' feelings, and we as parents need to know how children react.  This can be dependant on a number of things their age, development and temperament but children don't always have the words to say how they feel, and can show it in the way they behave leading to perhaps clingy, aggressive or ‘naughty’ 

behaviour.  This book will help you repair these relationships as a family and as a parent.  


This book guides and empowers parents and their children aged 5-11 years to shift negative perceptions and build a strong positive mind-set. This lays the foundation to build resilience for life’s future challenges. Uniquely blending the up-to-date theory of positive psychology, neuroscience, and holistic practices, this jargon-free book takes you step-by-step through scripted, practical activities and powerful techniques, to create the ideal setting for raising a happy child

Your Happy Child - 10 Proven Steps to Raising a Happy Child

This 180-page, comprehensive goal-setting book walks you through strategies that allow you to achieve harmony and balance with your family and homelife.   Download a FREE chapter of my book today!  

When you ask parents what they want for their kids, what’s usually the most common reply? They want their children to be happy.

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Your Happy Child is increasingly considered one of the key ingredients of making relationships at home BETTER.  Use as a guide to create a flourishing life with your family and learn how to cultivate it one day at a time.   We’re often more open to new methods when it comes to work and careers, but ignoring tips when it comes to family is a mistake

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