“Your Happy Child” – What I Do

“Your Happy Child” – What I Do

1) Are you looking for ways to cope with your children without resorting to the infamous naughty step or controlled anger? “Your Happy Child” offers a gentle approach to parenting that will help you to enjoy your family, to understand the limitations and how to deal with issues you may be facing and to have the confidence to ignore the experts and to parent your own child with empathy and trust.

2) I focus on helping parents develop their skills to help handle children’s behaviour and to put the fun back into family life.

3) I love leading parents on a journey during the course which helps them realise the values and attributes they want to pass on to their children and how they can be the family they want to be.

4) I want to help parents raise children with confidence, self-reliance, self-esteem and who can achieve their full potential.

5) I teach very practical skills to encourage cooperation, ensure good relationships between parent and child and manage challenging behaviour.

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