Personal Life Coaching


What is one-to-one coaching?

I work with you on an individual basis (one-to-one) to help you gain clarity and focus to take control of your life, and help you to do your job, whatever it may be to the best of your ability. By helping you to achieve balance in your life, I can help you to feel fitter and healthier and enjoy living life to the full.

I help you develop strategies for easier living and deal more efficiently with stress by identifying goals and achieving them.

Coaching is for any individual who has a goal in mind but needs a helping hand to turn it into a reality.

Coaching is about working in partnership with another person who will help, encourage, challenge and support you to reach your goals and allow you to have more ‘me time’.

What will you get?

One to one coaching allows you to…

  • …take control of your life
  • …do your job to the best of your ability
  • …achieve balance and harmony in your life
  • …identify what is important and achieve your goals
  • …feel energised, fitter and healthier
  • …gain clarity and focus
  • …communicate more effectively
  • …enjoy life fully
  • …deal with life’s challenges efficiently
  • …develop strategies for easier living

If you would like to know more about personal one-to-one coaching, for yourself or for your child then please contact Usha