Parents and Children - Therapy for Children

Children's Therapy

Children are often faced with challenges such as bullying, managing anger, and friendship issues. Sometimes the adults in their lives are dealing with issues too, for example, divorce, death or depression and their children can be affected by this even though it is outside of their control. I offer a range of effective therapies for children within a safe environment, along with a number of strategies to help them overcome any issues. Children have said that I am like a second Mum to them. Which is lovely.

Powerful Parenting
Techniques for Happier Children
(90 day coaching program)

Parenting is a science. It can be rewarding, and also challenging. I support parents to become conscious in their roles to nurture calmer, more confident and happier children.

Parents & Children - Workshops for Children

H.A.P.P.Y. Workshop
(Parent and Child)

The HAPPY Workshop is a research-based training program for children aged 7 – 15 years. It has been creatively and sensitively composed of 10 weekly fun, interactive workshop sessions lasting 1 hour each and based on the latest brain research.