The H.A.P.P.Y Workshop


About the programme

The Healing-FeelingTM 4 Kids is a research-based training programme for children aged 7 – 15 years.  It has been creatively and sensitively composed of 10 weekly fun, interactive workshop sessions lasting 1 hour and is based in the latest brain research.

The sessions are specially designed to meet children’s mental, emotional and social needs, focusing particularly on nurturing their ‘inner’ development in a holistic way.  Children learn to self-regulate their behaviour and quieten their mind to engage in a focussed way to achieve their potential – whatever that may be – in academia, sports, music or other.

How it can help your child

Participating in the programme will allow your child to explore and develop their abilities in ways they are unlikely to have experienced before.

Your child will:

  • Interact with children of their own age and develop their social skills
  • Develop their confidence and perhaps ‘find their voice’
  • Learn how to make new friends and keep old ones
  • Understand that everyone is unique and that it’s alright to learn at their own pace.
  • Learn to set goals and to work towards them
  • Understand how powerful their thoughts can be and how to use their mind and imagination in ways that work for, rather than against, them
  • Discover strategies for coping with changes and transitions
  • Learn how to effectively communicate and interact with others
  • Find out how to tap into their inner resources and wisdom to create happiness and a positive attitude

Over time, as your child practices what they learn and continue to apply it in their day-to-day lives, they will carry on reaping the benefits.

Who can benefit?

ALL children will benefit from the concepts and techniques that are taught during the programme. Many of the ideas and topics the children encounter are of universal relevance, so every child will have a valuable and enjoyable learning experience.

There are some children though for whom the programme is particularly beneficial. These are children who are:

  • Quiet, shy or withdrawn
  • Having difficulty making friends
  • Sad or unhappy
  • Appearing eccentric or immature in relation to their peers
  • Have poor social skills
  • Having difficulties in interacting with other children
  • Victims of bullying
  • Having difficulties in settling in to new environments
  • Showing a lack of motivation or concentration
  • Not working to their best of their ability
  • Showing poor school attendance.
  • Obviously more or less academic than their peers

Think Happy to be Happy

One of the most important concepts that children are introduced to during the programme is ‘Think Happy to be Happy’. They are shown how negative thoughts can be changed into more positive ones and how this can transform their feelings, moods and behaviour – both towards themselves and others. This approach derives from ‘Positive Psychology’, a new branch of psychology, which aims not to mend people as though they are broken but to focus on an individual’s positive traits so that they can be encouraged to grow.

The workshops teach children how to:

  • be more self-aware
  • handle themselves – their thoughts, emotions and behaviour – in ways that feel good and are empowering
  • analyse and understand problems so they can cope with life’s challenges
  • relax and calm themselves
  • think creatively
  • listen to and trust their inner voice
  • get in touch with the wisdom they already have inside themselves
  • make positive choices in life

All the workshop activities are intended to facilitate children’s understanding and experience of ‘themselves’. Our work is centred on four main concepts, and each child is carefully guided to explore and, where they need to, adapt their beliefs and attitudes in relation to:

  • Self-worth
  • Self and relationships
  • Self and the environment
  • Self-discovery

The activities are carefully selected using the most up to date scientific research into the emotional resilience and development of children, as well as theories about accelerated thinking. But the concepts are simplified and incorporated into practical, fun and enjoyable learning experiences so that children, younger children especially, just see it as play! Although there is, of course, a lot more going on beneath the surface, we all know that children learn best when they are enjoying and expressing themselves openly, and that’s precisely the sort of space the workshops provide for every child who attends.

We work together to nurture and unfurl ‘the whole child’ from the inside out, so that s/he can experience more confidence, calmness, happiness, creativity and higher self-esteem. It’s all about supporting children to be the best they can be, to be their true selves, to shine brightly as they express their innate gifts and wisdom and to find their own way to inner happiness.

Children leave feeling empowered, with a new set of life skills that they can draw upon in the future, especially in stressful situations.

Watch this short video to see some highlights from one of The Healing-Feeling 4 Kids summer programmes.

The Healing-Feeling Summer School – Highlights of the week video.  

Please contact us to find out more and when the next class will be running.