Powerful Parenting Techniques for Happier Children

Finally, you can become the conscious 21st Century parent with calm, confident and happy children. It is possible, I promise, with our Personal Coaching Program: Powerful Parenting Techniques for Happier Children

Are you a parent & worried about your child?

We are not given an instruction manual when our children are born and yet so many parents feel they should instinctively know everything about how to raise a calm, happy and thriving family. I’ve worked with countless worried Mums and Dads who feel like they have failed as a parent.

  • Perhaps s/he is experiencing problems at home or at school, such as bullying or not fitting in with their peers.
  • Your child may have additional social and/or emotional needs or behavioural difficulties.
  • You may be worried that your child appears unhappy, sad, anxious, distressed, angry or otherwise ‘not themselves’.
  • S/he may be shy, highly sensitive or withdrawn.
  • You may be concerned about your child’s physical, emotional or mental well-being and looking for some professional help.
  • It could be that you are worried about how your child is doing at school and you feel s/he needs extra support.
  • Or perhaps you feel your child is doing well, but you would like them to learn important life-skills that are essential to their future success and happiness in life: skills such as positive thinking, self-discovery, effective communication, empathy, self-motivation, along with qualities such as self-esteem and self-belief.
  • Maybe you are struggling to fulfil your parenting role effectively and feel that you need some advice and guidance with your own triggers.

Don’t worry, I’ve heard them all before, and it’s not your fault. We only get one chance to parent our children and I actually think that asking for help is the right thing to do. In the same way that we would get an expert to fix our plumbing or install a computer, it is the same with getting expert help and advice about parenting. Make the most of their childhood by dealing with any worries you may have. Each of my breakthrough programs are custom-built to suit your unique circumstances, which I will discuss with you in our first session together.

There are limited spaces available so book your FREE 30 minute consultation. 

Book your FREE 30 mins consultation

This 30, 60 or 90 day program is designed to offer you a private and personalised approach to dealing with your parenting issues.

You’re here because you want to:

  • Help your child to move past his/her difficulties and get to a place where they are happier, more confident and able to express themselves and reach toward their full potential.
  • See your child feeling calm, relaxed and contented.
  • Give them the support they need to change from a negative experience of life to a positive one and really thrive at school and at home.
  • Enable your child to develop a positive mind set and behaviours.
  • Talk to someone who is both a parent and a professional, with years of experience of working with children and their parents, about the challenges you are going through as a parent.

I’m here to support you with these issues and much more, because I believe that being relaxed, consistent and assertive whilst parenting is a MUST for your success.

And imagine how good it would feel to:

  • Give your child the gift of learning how to look after their mental and emotional wellbeing, now and in the future.
  • Help your child to heal in a holistic way, using approaches that work with the ‘whole child’.
  • Communicate more effectively with your children; you enjoy the best possible outcome – happier, calmer kids and a more peaceful and rewarding family life.

Start with your own needs then incorporate your child’s wishes. Achieve a harmonious family life.

I am a mature, experienced and qualified teacher, behaviour consultant and child psychotherapist, and among the best you will find worldwide. The powerful combination of my expert guidance and this personalised program I have created, gives you the tools and skills you will need to establish better and more positive ways of communication and working with your child.

Set your goals. Learn strategies. Implement. Evaluate. Get Results.

  • Assess your current situation and decide on your main parenting goals.
  • Learn strategies to manage your child’s social, emotional and behavioural needs by an expert dedicated to your success.
  • Apply the strategies and be supported every step of the way.
  • Evaluate, reflect and progress with continued support.
  • Only you can do the work, but I can make it easy for you by holding you accountable every session.
  • Achieve BIG BREAKTHROUGHS by handling your self-doubt and sky rocketing your self-belief.

Here’s what you’ll get in this program:

  • Introductory session with Usha to identify your precise parenting goals, and to create and kick-start your personalised plan.
  • Fortnightly calls with Usha. Share your challenges and celebrate all your success. These sessions ensure you implement your personalised parenting plan and allow amendments if necessary.
  • Accountability and support throughout. You will have access to Usha via email in between your scheduled calls in case you have questions or thoughts.

The truth is we already have all the resources we need. Sometimes we just need someone to help us harness those resources to be the best parent we can be.

Work directly with Usha Chudasama, author of “Your Happy Child, 10 Proven Steps to Raising a Happy Child”.

Your Investment:

30 Day Coaching Program60 Day Coaching Program90 Day Coaching Program
What is included:What is included:What is included:
Introductory session
2 mentoring calls
Email support - up to 2 times per week
Introductory session
4 mentoring calls
Email support - up to 3 times per week
Introductory session
6 mentoring calls
Email support - unlimited

This sounds ideal for me, what is the next step?

Book your free 30-minute consultation to see how I can help you and talk you through the program. I look forward to hearing from you. Email me at info@healing-feeling.com