Workshop for Parents & Children

The Healing FeelingTM holds regular Parent & Children workshops to help the whole family communicate better and understand each other more deeply.

Do you ever find yourself frustrated with your child or do they get frustrated with you? Do they sometimes bottle up their feelings? Can they be shy around you? Or angry? Do you sometimes not know what they are thinking?

All parents ask themselves these questions at some point – and don’t worry it is totally normal for children to act this way. My workshops give you the tools to open the conversations you have so you can create an environment where both you and your child can talk openly and understand each other.

We would love to work with you and help you to have an even better family life. Please get in touch to talk further and have a look at how some parents who have worked with me have already benefitted.

Parents and children benefit by:

  • Becoming more self-aware
  • Open communication
  • Handling their thoughts, emotions and behaviour better
  • Building more trust between each other and within themselves
  • Bringing them closer together through this shared quality time