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Parent and Children Workshops

Josef, 9 year old
I made new friends. It’s fun doing all the activities. I really enjoyed the massage.  I enjoyed the football outside. When you think and listen to the music you get relaxed. At school you do work and here you do activities which I enjoy. In the workshop you learn more things like massage and how to relax properly. It helps you to take your fears away. You learn ways of calming down. I’ve learnt how to think positively.
Karim, 9 year old
In the Healing Feeling club, I enjoyed the massage and breathing, making the stress balls, and playing games.  I’d say it is about finding different ways of relieving your stress.  It’s fun because you play different kinds of games and make different things.  In the Healing Feeling 4 Kids, what I learnt was that you could change negative thoughts into positive thoughts.
Marylse, 10 year old
I enjoyed making the stress balls and doing the mirror work.  It helps you to relax and takes your worries out.  I tried the relaxation at home and did what the ‘creature’ told me to…I played snakes and ladders with my brother and now he’s stopped hitting me.
Louis, 9 year old
I enjoyed the Healing Feeling because it teaches you different ways of relieving stress and anger.  You learn different kinds of massage.
I like it because it teaches you how to calm your temper, to relieve stress and how to relieve worries.

In the Healing Feeling  club, I learnt that if you write a letter your anger would go away.  I enjoyed making the stress ball.  It’s fun and it teaches how to massage others.

Parent of 8 year old
My daughter aged 8 suffered from her first panic attack which filled her with fear. She started work with Usha, and the trust between them both became apparent very quickly. My shy, unconfident, fearful daughter began to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. I am eternally grateful for Usha. I would recommend this work to any parent who has the same problems in their child.  It has changed my daughter in so many other positive ways where we now have time for fun things and we’re all enjoying the benefits of The Healing Feeling. Thank you Usha, you truly are a star.
Parent of 11 year old
Jordan got a great deal out of the ten week course we did with Usha and other mums and kids. Following this, his individual work with her has given him further strategies for when he is anxious and thinking negatively about himself and situations. Most importantly, Jordan has been able to benefit from the relationship he has with Usha, which has meant that everything they have explored together has had meaning for him. He has been able to process deeply painful experiences and has grown in confidence in himself. I know that he will always remember his sessions because he felt totally accepted, valued and supported in his growth, as well as having fun along the way. Thank you.
Parent of 11 year old
Alex is a more confident and positive child.  He now has a range of new strategies to help him deal with the ups and downs of modern day life.
Parent of 8 year old
My child is less stressed and more relaxed.  She is more confident in talking to me – more open about things.  This course is a worthwhile investment.  In the parent session I felt connected and shared something worthwhile.
Sister of 8 year old
She has become more relaxed and can control her anger better as she is usually quick to anger.  She feels better about herself and her height issues.  I would say that this course is a very small price to pay for your child’s happiness and teaches them valuable lessons they can use throughout their lives.  I got to understand how she reacts and interacts with others and how she feels about herself. Bring the classes into schools so that more children can benefit from this life changing course. (Sister attended the Summer 2007 workshop)
Parent of 10 year old
At the beginning of the year we were at the end of our tether as our son’s bullying at school had reached a crescendo and it seemed like everywhere we turned, no one wanted to help. He was steadily going downhill and we were beside ourselves with worry and felt so helpless – we wanted our boy back.  Then he began his sessions with Usha and the progress began and then steadily improved and I as his parent learnt so much about myself. He is now so much more confident and we truly feel that we have our child back and can’t thank you enough!  Parents and kids in this situation need a “pocket Usha” that they can call on whenever they need to – thank you 🙂
He’s become more open to talking about how he feels to me, more than usual.  The workshop has helped me observe T without him knowing – he is much more calm and relaxed.  What I would say to other parents is that their children will love the experience of connecting to other children and not being alone in their worries.

(4 months later), this parent wrote to me and gave me a synopsis of a conversation she had with T..”It’s been four months since you did the summer workshop, do you think it has been a benefit to you?

His answer was immediate…
T “Oh yes, I’m much more relaxed and I don’t get anxious anymore”
Parent “Could you give me an example of a time when you noticed the difference?”

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Adult Group Workshops

Awele & Tracy
Lana, Accounts Assistant
I think Usha is the most positive person I’ve ever met and this positivity becomes wonderfully infectious!

Vishnu, Retired Doctor
I have progressed in my spiritual practice and the course has encouraged me to ‘look more in depth.’  It would appear that I have benefited from the various ‘exercises.’  My blood pressure is lower and has been consistently so.  I notice that I sleep better.  I was glad that I was able to meet with adults of different age groups, ethnic backgrounds and religions who think on similar lines as myself.

I am thankful that I came across a course leader as Usha.

Lesley, Counselling Student
I feel that since starting the course I have begun to think more positively.  I was unsure initially that it was possible to change a lifetime of negative thinking.  I have found myself thinking and feeling differently.  I know that for the first time in my life, I am actually beginning to love myself.  I find myself thinking and saying to myself, and others I am worth something.  I do count.  I am important.

People have noticed changes in me – so there must be something to this – I’m moving in the right direction.

Nicky, Make-up artist
The course has enabled me to really look at myself and my inner strengths and weaknesses.  So far the work has been very powerful which includes the mirror work and the inner child work.

I have noticed that I have become calmer in my surroundings and more tolerant to people.  I have less negative thoughts and actions and people are saying that I seem happier and much more positive.  My alopecia is much improved.  I want to say thank you for making me believe, without the class I may not be where I am heading.

Gurmeet, Teacher
It has helped me to release negative feelings ie anger, disappointments, guilt which has left more space for positive thoughts.  I found the forgiveness exercise particularly beneficial.  I have also begun to have more faith in my affirmations.
Julia, Teacher
The course has made me analyse what has happenend over the last few years.  This has helped me to think about what I am doing now and what I would like to do in the future.
Kiran, Teaching Assistant
This course is designed to work if you do the work. You need to be sure you want to heal your life – if you are sure then it will happen – be warned!
Raheela, Life Coach
I enjoyed the singing…it lifted class spirits.  affirmations were wonderful. A wonderful hardworking soul searching experience. This course has made me even more determined and will use these tools to move me forward…it has been very beneficial regarding my relationships with people… my relationships have improved with affirmations.
Naz, Home Office Advisor
I had been unhappy for sometime…I kept a journal …things started happening when I started visualisation and affirming positively. I started to attract positive people and I created a new circle of people at work.
Hayley, Marketing Business
Realising that I never quite believed good things happen and stay good. I am now optimistic. I now don’t blame anyone and know I can change things, not wait for other people to do it. This course has made me a more positive person which means people around me are more upbeat and optimistic.
Anita, Counselling Student
I have enjoyed the course and it has fulfilled all my expectations. I am becoming more positive and confident in myself. I am learning how to cope with stressful situations and people more easily. I have learnt how to forgive, which is something I never thought I could do. I am learning to release anger. I have enjoyed learning and listening to you Usha, you are a very motivational and positive influence to us all – thank you
Deborah, Home practitioner
I feel the course has provided me with the tools to get to know the ‘real’ me and learn to love me, although I didn’t realise that I didn’t know or love myself very much. Somehow, you have switched on the light and I’m ready to shine!

If anyone is thinking about enrolling on a course I would say go for it they wont be disappointed.  My life has improved no – end.

Manjeet, Teaching Assistant
I found the course really helpful in allowing me to analyse my thoughts and think about the changes I am making in my life.  I find ‘I approve of myself’ more than previously and this is helping me to move in the right direction.
Suzette, Counselling Student
There are no words to say what this course has meant to me, so I would like to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You from my mind, body and soul.
Suzette, Counselling Student
There are no words to say what this course has meant to me, so I would like to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You from my mind, body and soul.
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One to One Coaching

Sarah, (Aged 21) – Nurse
Years of self-hatred, guilt and feelings of rejection had led me very close to deliberate self-harm. After just one session with Usha, I realised there was hope. I am so happy now and grateful for everything I have. Most important of all, I have learnt to love myself for who I am…and I really believe it! I am so grateful for this chance and would recommend these sessions to anyone searching for their ultimate happiness.
Karin, Psychotherapist
Through life coaching with Usha, my dream went from my head to my heart. I believe this was due to Usha’s continual belief in my ability to achieve my goals, her genuine enthusiasm for my dream and my achievements throughout the sessions.

Deepa, Psychology Student
Usha, as a life coach, has taught me that to think positively initially is a huge milestone to reach, particularly in terms of the domino effect that it can have as a fundamental foundation to a refreshing new way of thinking.

I have infinite admiration and gratitude to Usha for reminding me of my own powers within me to take control of my life in a positive manner, and I would recommend her to any person who is willing to change and looking to do the same.

Naz, Home Office
Throughout all the sessions I was able to discuss openly, and express myself and felt comfortable and knowing I was getting the full support from my coach.

I found Usha very encouraging and understanding and if I had an opportunity again for her to coach me I would definitely take it up again.

Dana, Therapist
Usha is an incredibly kind hearted person with a lot of willingness to give. She conducts and leads her sessions with confidence, determination and 100% belief in whomever she is coaching.

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Educational Training

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