The Happy Workshop


By purchasing the Happy Workshop you will receive:

  • 5 x 90-minute face-to-face parent and child sessions led by best selling author and child psychotherapist Usha Chudasama (Dates are every Saturday between 21st April – 19th May)
  • Specialist expert advice surrounding children’s behaviour gaining knowledge on how to support your child in the most effective way
  • Through practical experiental learning, during the sessions, you and your child will learn Usha’s ‘HAPPY’ life skills and advice on how to incorporate and nurture these in everyday life
  • The opportunity to connect and share with other parents experiencing the same parenting challenges and struggles
  • Following the end of the workshops, you will have access to a special Facebook support group for 90 days whilst you introduce the ‘HAPPY’ life skills into everyday life.
  • This is NOT a parenting course!  It is a life skills course you can do practically with your child.

All of this as well as activities such as meditation, purposeful creative visualisations and affirmations which will all be linked to the working of the brains and be learning about links between emotions and behaviour equipping you with the knowledge to better understand your child.

Upcoming FREE webinar about “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen And Listen So Kids Will Talk” on 17th March 2018, click here to sign up (attendees will get a special discount for the above HAPPY course).




The HAPPY Workshop is for you and your child to strengthen your relationship, communicate better and help them reach their full potential.

It is a 5 week course (5 consecutive Saturdays) and will begin on 21st April 2018. We would love for you to join us.

For the full course details please click here.


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