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Book - Your Happy Child
Book: Your Happy Child, 10 Proven Steps To Raising A Happy Child
Many parents say “I just want my child to be happy.” Can you relate?
Parenting is a science.

In this book, I guide and empower parents and their children – aged five to eleven years old – to shift negative perceptions and build a strong positive mindset. This lays the foundation to build resilience for life’s future challenges. Uniquely, blending the up-to-date theory of positive psychology, neuroscience and holistic practices, this jargon-free book takes you step-by-step through: scripted, fun and practical activities; powerful techniques and strategies; to create the ideal setting for raising a happy and confident child.

In this book you will learn how to:

• Understand the dynamics of family life today and how to manage stress;
• Become aware of how your behaviour and experiences influence how you parent your child; and
• Use a range of techniques to change your child’s mindset for self-confidence and happiness.

Online Course: The Secrets To Developing A Cooperative Home Environment Where Your Child Will Respect And Listen To You
The smartest online course to get your child to listen without shouting or losing respect.

Does your child's ignoring and lack of cooperation make you feel frustrated and helpless?

How much longer can you go on avoiding dealing with your child's lack of respect and not listening to you?

Are you feeling guilty and stressed not knowing how to raise your happy child and create that harmonious home?

This course is for you if you...

Want your child to listen and cooperate without you shouting at them.
Want to learn some strategies to keep calm in stressful home situations.
Want to feel deep down that you are a good enough parent.

See big changes in a short amount of time:

Make life-changing progress at your pace
See exciting changes in less than a week
Build stronger relationships with your child and see them thrive

Connect with other like-minded parents:

Join our private, members-only group
Get your questions answered
Connect with other parents committed to raising happy children

Get 1-to-1 support with Usha herself!

Get answers & personal advice from Usha

21 Day Parent Coaching Program
You want your child to be happy, let me coach you to make this a reality
Usha Chudasama

In this 21 day Coaching Program, you will learn about 6 key areas of parenting that
will support you to become the best parent you can be.

Through a combination of training, live coaching and Q&A, you will learn to apply simple, yet effective, techniques to your child and your home and family scenario.

By the end of the Program, you will feel confident to assert boundaries, your child will listen to you, you will build a deeper relationship with your child and the whole household will feel calmer, more respectful and happier.

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