About Healing Feeling


I am Usha Chudasama

….and I’m really excited you’re here because we must think alike, you and I, whether you are an individual, a parent or a staff member working within an educational setting.  Collectively, we’re trying to create a world where every child can grow up happily (and that includes the inner child within each of us) and equip them to deal with the inevitable challenged they will no doubt face during their transition from childhood in to adulthood and beyond. We’re taking steps to create a world, you and I, where children feel less stressed and fearless. We only get one opportunity to raise our children – let’s do our best together.

Children need trustworthy people like us

Our children are the adults of tomorrow.  How we treat them has a direct impact on how they grow up as members of society and the world.  We must also be mindful how we treat ourselves in the process too.  So, whether you are a parent or a staff member working in an educational setting, or whether you are an individual, I bet you know first hand how:

  • the frustration of knowing how to positively parent your child can leave you feeling helpless possibly resulting in broken-down relationships within your family.
  • the struggle of communicating effectively with your colleagues within your organisation can lead to a spiral of you feeling misunderstood and mis-represented thus affecting how you work with the children and can lead to you (and them) feeling devalued and disrespected.
  • little self-awareness of your own personal needs can lead to repeating negative patterns in your life.

Well, not anymore.  My full time professional life and career is working with the relationship between a parent and/or a child and all the challenges they might face. I chose to specialise in this very special relationship as I can see “clearly”; we all long for and want a emotional connection to our children and our parents and we all need to understand one another and feel appreciated by our loved ones.

My Healing Feeling Programs and Workshops have been specifically designed to guide you through difficult times and find a way forward, turning your experiences of being stuck into a life-changing journey of personal growth and self-development for you and your family.

You will discover that this is just the beginning. Indeed, you will learn that this is a fertile time for you to create a whole new life for you and your family; a better life.  By using the amazingly simple tools and techniques from my workshops and training programs you will gain a better understanding of your own empowerment, you will enable yourself to take charge of your life & relationships and allow yourself to give and receive mutual love and emotional connections.

Healing Feeling is a people business, and I work with people who work with children and teens. Keep reading to find out how I got here, where I’m going, and more importantly, where I can take YOU. Healing Feeling can help you to live a happier, more positive, empowered and fulfilling life.

I look forward to getting in touch to help you on your journey.

I can help you with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic Attacks
  • Phobias
  • Mood Swings
  • Anger Management
  • Relationships
  • Bullying
  • Domestic Violence
  • Childhood sexual abuse
  • Loss
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Controlling Behaviour
  • Cultural Differences
  • Work-Life Balance
  • and more

My Story – How I got here

Hi, again,… I live in London and I have been married for 33 years.  I am the mother of a beautiful daughter, and it was her birth that started my journey and purpose in life.

Holding her in the hospital just after I gave birth, the radio was playing ‘The Greatest Love of All – I believe that children are our future…’ sung by Whitney Houston and the seed was planted, although I didn’t realise the depth of the words at the time.  All I was focussed on was the determination to bring her up myself, my way.  I left my banking career and was motivated to become a teacher.  I believed that I could make a difference for the next generation through the children I taught.

As my career in teaching progressed, I found I particularly enjoyed working with children that displayed challenging social and emotional behaviour and I went to a workshop to learn tools and techniques for personal transformation.  Little by little, I began to deeply understand Whitney Houston’s words “learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.”

Subsequently, I started to run some After School Workshops focussing on helping children to listen to and trust their gut instincts, feelings and emotions.  I found the children really enjoyed the workshops and they got a lot out of the simple, but life-changing exercises.  The teachers’ feedback was that the effects were amazing and wanted me to carry on doing ‘whatever it was I was doing’ with these ‘hard to reach’ children.  Parents were stopping me in the playground and thanking me for my efforts with their children.  In parallel, I was also training my colleagues and they experienced a transformation in their lives too.

I was then offered a job within the Educational Psychology Department to run parenting classes and work with their children who had challenging behaviour.  I found this work really rewarding because I started to make a real difference.  By helping parents to change habits in their own behaviour and communication styles, it created a calm and happy relationship with their children and the whole family benefitted.

I then decided to run my own Summer School, working first with teenage children, then with children under 11 years old.  I was amazed how children took to the powerful exercises.  Michele Kirsch, a reporter, attended and wrote a two-page article in The Times newspaper.

This article was picked up a year later by a MEd student, Tsvetely Angelova, studying at the University of Manchester.  Tsvetely contacted me because she wanted to use the work I was offering for her research study.  Her dissertation was entitled “The Body and Soul Union: What can meditation and relaxation do for children’s well-being today?”  Since then I have had an article written about my work in the East London & West Essex Guardian and have featured on the East London Radio talking about my work, among other media appearances.

It has been an exciting journey so far; I have been continually learning and have helped many people on my way. Now I am ready to tackle the next stage. I want to bring positive change to even more lives by expanding my reach and success through workshops, one to one sessions and organisational level work.

If you are a parent,
the stories I sometimes hear from the parents describe their children as ‘old souls.’  They need a different kind of ‘parenting.’  When I have worked with their children, they are usually frustrated because they are very insightful and clever, or they just have a very different perspective of life.  They feel stifled within the home or education system.  Then their behaviour becomes challenging and then parents want advice in how to manage their children. Children don’t come with a parenting manual and I can help you to understand your child better and to offer tools and strategies to manage the challenging behaviour.

If you are an individual,
I believe that even if I make one person change their perspective to better their lives, then that will impact at least ten others; it’s like the ripple effect.  I provide a safe place for YOU to look into what really matters to you in a way that ordinary life does not often provide.

If you are from an organisation,
Whether you are the Head Teacher, classroom teacher, learning support assistant or caretaker, you will have come across the challenging behaviour of children walking out of class without permission, hurting other children and staff, or throwing school equipment with no thought about their own or others’ safety.

I offer bespoke tailored packages for staff continuing professional development training.