Press Releases

Usha on TV, Video and Facebook Live

21st May 2020: Facebook Live with Lidia from Support & Solutions for Parents with Challenging Teenagers.

21st May 2020: Online Interview with Positively Empower Kids, discussing ‘How to get your child to listen to you’

21st May 2020: Facebook Live with Adi Nevo, Purposeful Life Coach, discussing Your Happy Child

19th May 2020: Facebook Live with Lily Mensah – Tea with Lily, discussing parenting during lockdown

4th May 2020: Facebook Live with Simon Benn, Children’s Happiness Expert

21st April 2020: 7 Mindset Principles for Positive Parenting: Usha Chudasama on Your Mindful Month Podcast

24th May 2018: In The White Rose music video behind the scenes (with Hussain Manawer)

12th April 2018: Speak Easy Podcast interview with Altovise Pelzer

3rd March 2018: Key Note Speech at Al Noor Parenting Conference

5th July 2017: Interview with Janet O’Keefe SEN Revolution Summit Series speaking about Your Happy Child

Your Happy Child from Wordswell on Vimeo.

23rd April 2016: The Digging Deep Show on Faith TV, Sky Channel 590 discussing No Child is Broken, 10 Ways to Happiness, A powerful Guide for Parents.

Online Articles

26th May 2020: Positive Kids Magazine

Why Listening is Important

23rd October 2018: Book Signing with the Mayor of Redbridge

Redbridge Central Library hosts Book Signing Festival

14th July 2016: Publish A Book & Grow Rich

When It Comes To Self Promotion, Its Sweet To Tweet, And Prudent Too

26th May 2016: Guardian East London & West Sussex By Lara Keay

School therapist to publish book after life changing transformation

27th October 2014: Ilford Reader By Ajay Nair

South Woodford ex-teacher to tackle effects of technology on ‘socially awkward’ children

26th January 2008: The Times By Michele Kirsch

Do relaxation techniques work for hyped up children?

Coutts Online Women’s Magazine 

Article about Healing Feeling featured in online magazine

1st May 2016:  Book Signing Promotional Advert in the South Woodford Gazette

No Child is Broken

Radio Interviews

22nd April 2020: Interview with Switch Dunmow hosted Tessa Hawes

5th December 2017: Tamzila Zaman Radio Show – Moner JANALA

Radio Show Moner JANALA….Hadiuz Zaman Khan

Slået op af Tanzila Zaman i Tirsdag den 5. december 2017

9th November 2017: New Orleans Talk Show talking about Your Happy Child

13th May 2016: East London Radio – All in My Business Show speaking about Healing Feeling and Heal Your Life Courses

All in My Business Show

1st March 2008: Newstalk Radio, Ireland speaking about Heeling Feeling and Children’s Workshops


17th November 2015 : Panellist for Importance of Inner Awareness in Business (Global Entrepreneurship Week).  Read Usha’s blog about the event here.