Case Studies

Whenever I have worked with either adults or children, the overall results have been fantastic.  Here is a range of feedback from both parents and children about our trainings and workshops:

  • More sensitive to each others feelings
  • Better understanding of the consequences of their behaviour
  • Had body awareness re where in body they felt emotion
  • Increased ability to ‘ size ‘ up inter-personal situations and plan appropriate action
  • Higher self – esteem
  • More pro social behaviour
  • Sought out help more
  • Better coping with unsettling emotions
  • Enhanced coping skills
  • Better problem – solving skills
  • More caring atmosphere developed
  • More willingness to co – operate
  • More empathy
  • Improved skills in expressing themselves
  • Less self – destructive in their thinking and actions
  • More assertive
  • More harmonious
  • More considerate and concerned
  • More outgoing
  • More understanding of others
  • Improved listening skills to one another
  • Improved self – confidence
  • More motivated due to the higher levels of self – confidence and self belief ( ‘ Can Do Attitude’ )
  • Improved conversational skills ie asking each other how they are, how they like to be massaged, what the enjoy, etc.

Case Studies

Names have been changed to protect children’s identity

Case 1 – 8 year old boy “I can’t do it”
Arnold is 8 years old and attends a private school in East London.  e is a happy, independent and self-contained 8 year old boy that enjoys tennis and drawing. He also has a passion for singing and acting. He attends piano lessons and enjoys drama. He has a huge imagination and has a very good command of spoken language.

His mum approached ‘The Healing Feeling4Kids©’ because she couldn’t understand why he has recently developed the ‘I can’t do it’ attitude.  Also, his teachers have recently been complaining that he is portraying behavioural problems at school although he does not physically hurt others. He can be quite moody changing from someone that is kind and lovable to someone who is stubborn and disruptive for no apparent reason; He appears to have his own inner frustrations. Arnold’s mother wanted him to understand himself more and have the maturity to deal with what others say. His mum felt that because he was born three months prematurely, his development has been slower than the children of his age, could there be a link? He has always been a poor and fussy eater. He is the youngest in his year group and appears to reach each milestone later than others. He finds it difficult to come to terms with the fact that he is smaller than other children of his age.


He is a lot calmer.  His shouting and screaming has stopped and he doesn’t say ‘I don’t care’ anymore. He was brilliant this week. We played ludo and he lost. Normally if this is was the case before(coming to the workshop), he would have cried and shouted and got really angry demanding to be the winner. But all he said was ‘it’s just a game’ and was fine about it. Me and my husband were so surprised that we talked about it when he went to bed that night.  We told our daughter too, He absolutely loves coming here. He really wants to come. He gives his mum 5 minute reminders in the morning so that he can get there on time. He is a lot happier in himself and there have been positive subtle changes.

I am more focused and confident. I think I will be able to make friends a bit easier. I like myself better through the relaxation – I calm myself to like myself better.

CASE 2 – 9 year old bullied at school

Steve is 9 years old. Steve goes to a state primary school in East London. Steve loves football and drawing and he is a very polite and kind mannered person. He has a gentle and caring nature and is sometimes mistaken as being weak by his peers. He has been the victim of bullying at school and his mother is concerned about this. She wanted him to come to The Healing Feeling4Kids©  to help raise his self-esteem, and learn strategies so that he could build his confidence to help himself. She said that he is quite opinionated and a strong character at home. He can be quite assertive.


Steve was happier, more willing, and friendlier especially towards his Dad. (Apparently the friendliness towards his Dad was quite exceptional, there has been considerable animosity between them). Parent felt that he was more in touch with his feeling and those of others.

She said with obvious emotion in her voice that he had said “ I love you Mum” this was apparently quite exceptional for him. She also found him singing whilst he was playing which is something he has not done for many years. On one occasion in the week he had thrown a tantrum then within 2 minutes was calm and relaxed again, usually he would have played up for the rest of the day.

I enjoyed everything, it’s a really good place. I liked playing games especially the prickly ball and the bean bags.  I liked doing the massage it made me feel warm inside. I liked the place I made in the tree, I felt very happy because there was no-one to upset me. I felt it from my head to my tummy in a straight line.  I’m going to tell people it’s a really good place that was really exciting.  I got to learn to do massage and how to relax. I learnt to get rid of bad things in my head. I’m going to tell people that it’s a good place where you get to do exciting things and feel very happy, excited and peaceful. At break time you get to play outside and the nice people give you fruit. I liked it when the bubble burst and everything went blank like a TV when it is switched off.

CASE 3 – 11 year old active outside, but easily angry & frustrated

Ben is 11 years old and goes to a state primary school in East London. Ben is very active and enjoys basketball, football, playing the drums and drawing. He lives within a large extended family and his parents are also fostering two other children (younger than Ben) and he finds it difficult to come to terms with that. Ben appears as a shy, reserved and quiet child and does not like attention. His reply to questions is usually ‘I don’t know.’ He appears as a gentle and kind soul.

Ben’s mother said that although he was popular in school and had many friends, he was very different at home. He was a perfectionist in whatever he did which sometimes led to his own anger and frustration and resulted in what was felt by others in the family as controlling behaviours. Ben’s mum would like him to be more assertive like his cousins.


Ben is much happier. He was always motivated to come to the workshop with no problems getting up and out the house, which is the exception for him, with all other activities it has always been a problem to get him there. Ben’s main improvement in her opinion was in his moods, she had noticed that he was less angry and frustrated in general, and when he was he calmed down quickly, with a friendlier approach to her and his brothers and sisters.

I made new friends. It’s fun doing all the activities. I really enjoyed the massage. I enjoyed the football outside. When you think and listen to the music you get relaxed. At school you do work and here you do activities which I enjoy. In the workshop you learn more things like massage, how to relax properly. It helps you to take your fears away. You learn ways of calming down.  I’ve learnt how to think positively.


CASE 4 – 15 year old with negative self-talk

Heena is 15 years old and goes to a Catholic High school in East London. She has a shy manner but beneath that she has a bubbly personality with a great ability to make others feel included. Heena enjoys cooking and reading Manga Japanese cartoons on the internet. Heena appears as a very happy and contented young lady but hides a negative self-talk and general outlook in life which affects her levels of confidence and self-approval.  This was a reason that she came to the Healing Feeling4Kids©.


She has a better idea of how to relax. She is more positive and happier. The workshop has given her new tools to help her through life.

I enjoyed focusing on my inner self and how my mind pictures my peace. I enjoyed learning how to relax others. I learnt how negative thinking can put you down and I learnt how to make the negative things into positive. I enjoyed coming to the workshop.