Personal Life Coaching

Do you ever feel lost? Or unmotivated? Or unclear about the next stage? This is where I can help you with my life coaching sessions. In our sessions we discuss your goals and how to achieve them, and how I support you through a personalised action plan to make your goals a reality.



Psychotherapy treatment allows one to explore and see patterns in your behaviour that is causing you to feel stuck in certain areas of your life. I am committed to helping you achieve lasting change using a wide range of therapies that can be adapted and integrated with one another to build a combination of approaches to suit your individual needs and clear whatever is making you feel stuck.


My Personal Development Workshop

Many people are drifting through life thinking ‘this is my lot’ and are settling for second best. The result however is that these people are not using their abilities to effectively create the life they long for or the life they deserve. During my 10 week or 2 day workshops, I show you how to unlock your potential and create the life you desire and deserve.