Bespoke CPD Training


Healing Feeling™ offers schools and educational providers:

  • A highly motivational and transformational workshop programme for children, young people and their parents called The Healing FeelingTM 4 Kids.
  • It involves professional training for teaching and support staff targeted at improving communication skills, relationships between pupils and staff, learner effectiveness, and behaviour management.
  • Consultancy on behaviour management and on-going support for children’s mental and emotional wellbeing within a learning environment is also included.

Behavioural Management

This is perfect if you are you an educational professional looking for ways to improve children and young people’s mental and emotional wellbeing or their behaviour?

  • You may have a high proportion of children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in your school or educational establishment.
  • You could be seeing increasing levels of stress in the children and young people you work with.
  • Perhaps staff in your school/establishment feel ill-equipped to support children who have additional needs.
  • Or you may be looking for new, tried-and-tested programmes to complement your existing behaviour management strategies.
  • Or you could be seeking professional training that will increase the effectiveness of teaching & learning through enhancing your staff’s interpersonal & communication skills.

Consultancy in Schools

Managing behaviour on top of all the million and one things a teacher has to do in schools can be mentally draining.  

Sometimes SENCOs (Special Education Needs Coordinators) and staff in leadership roles have a class to teach as well as manage inappropriate behaviour, meet with irate parents and deal with borough and government targets.

If you feel that you would benefit from having someone with the knowledge and experience who understands what you are currently dealing with and can help you manage and get the best out of yourself in your leadership role then perhaps you should consider one-to-one consultancy. This could take the form of individual coaching, mentoring and/or supervision.

I would provide you with regular one-to-one support sessions, either by telephone or in person. The agenda is entirely up to you and is based on whatever it is that concerns you at that time.

Contact me to discuss your needs and how I may be able to help you.