Publish a Book and Grow Rich

Last weekend, I attended Gerry Robert’s ‘Publish a Book and Grow Rich’ (PABGR) boot camp at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Victoria.

As you may know, I was so inspired when I went to his 3 day boot camp in October 2015 that I have not stopped telling everyone about it.

His theory is that:
There is no money in selling books – you have to build your business around your book.

Gerry suggests you think about what goals you want for your business and then engineer the book for that purpose – it also needs to give value to your readers.

He takes you through his system for breaking down the chapters so that when you come to write your book, it is easy – anyone can do it. Apparently you can write a book in 40 hours if you follow this system – I have not tried it religiously as he suggests.

He helps to overcome myths – for me, it was that your book has to be a perfect encyclopaedia.

He suggests that you interview people and try and get sponsors to help you fund your book, then you market your book before you even finish writing it.

The picture above shows me at the weekend promoting my book for pre-orders.

If you fancy going to the next one – it’s from 26th to 28th February 2016 in London. Here’s the link – use it and you can attend for FREE.


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