Why I Wrote “Your Happy Child”

Why I Wrote “Your Happy Child”

I have been writing my book, “Your Happy Child”, and preparing for it to be published for nearly 2 years now. It contains a culmination of ten years’ worth of tried and tested practical steps with tools and strategies and detailed explanations. 

Mental Health Crisis In Schools

There is a mental health crisis at the moment in UK classrooms.

  • 1/10 young people will have some form of mental health disorder, which is three children out of every class of 30 children according to the Office for National Statistics (2016).  
  • Statistics from Youngminds.org.uk states that school leaders have reported an increase of anxiety, low mood or depression in children in the last five years.
  • 82% of teachers believe the focus on exams is disproportionate to the wellbeing of the children.
  • 70% of teachers want the education system to be more balanced to focus more on children’s wellbeing.
  • 73% parents would rather choose a school where their children are happy even if other school’s exam results are better. 

What Children Really Need

Children these days are curious and questioning and they are rejecting the way they are being taught. There is a critical need for these children to have guidance and encouragement and space for creative self-discovery that is not necessarily there for them now. Some children seem to come into the world with an innate intuition and sense of knowing, and I believe the education system is letting these children down. In my opinion, they learn better if they have a wider variety of ways to access learning and to build their emotional maturity and self-esteem, other than the way it is being done today.

Where My Passion Started – The HAPPY Workshop©

My passion for writing this book was to share the energy of the work I do.

As an educationalist with extensive training and professional development, I understand that children’s behaviour is a form of communication. My job is to discover what their specific needs are and help them bridge the gap between their perception and understanding of their place in the world and teach them the skills, which will empower them to live with new or renewed strength.

I began refining and adding to exercises so they could be used in educational settings, as well as at home with children with specific needs. I began to show children how to relax and how to use their minds in a conscious way, which is how, The HAPPY Workshop© began. It is a life skills workshop, which teaches the skills of happiness. Life skills are taught in an all embracing way, stretching the children’s minds to think creatively and to analyse and understand problems, take on challenges and make the right choices in life.

Completing The HAPPY Workshop© exercises provides them with that fertile foundation and necessary life skills from a young age and they are better equipped to deal with life’s transitions with enthusiasm. This book delivers that support to nurture the inner-child. It helps children to shine from the inside out. This book focuses on motivating them and making them feel happier so they feel like achieving more in their lives.

When I first began teaching my workshop in the school where I worked, the parents and teachers noticed a huge positive difference in the behaviour and academic ability of the children I worked with. I made myself a promise to understand why my activities were working every time and then to share this work with as many parents as I could, so more people can benefit. This book is a culmination of my research and background information about why what I did works and is laid out in ten steps.

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