The end is where we start, Death allows us to live with intention

The idea of death has always fascinated me and to quote T.S. Eliot’s words “The end is where we start from.” Death…whether it’s real or metaphorical, is an ending in one way or another, and with the ending there is a new beginning. I know it sounds a bit morbid but hear me out. There is a moral to this.

To put things into perspective, last week, I went to Andy Harrington’s ‘Stand and Deliver’ public speaking workshop and he dedicated it to his son whom he had buried that previous weekend! It was really sad to hear about his loss. He openly talked about how his son, through his death, had motivated him to take action on things he had procrastinated on for so long. Sometimes, death (real or metaphorical) gives us that wake-up call and it becomes our reason for living. A part of Andy had died when he buried his son, and he said that he does not yet know what new ideas will birth in the future from that experience. It was too raw and painful to think about, he was still grieving, but he chose to see it as an opportunity to live according to his values.

Andy gave many examples of how his son’s death motivated him to take action, and it reminded me of all the things I too, have not taken action on. If I were living my life as if it was my last day, the least I could do is ‘not die with the music still inside me’, as Wayne Dyer would say.

Wayne Dyer, one of my many mentors recently died and whilst watching his memorial and celebration of his life, the one thing that struck a chord in me and gave me a kick-start to take action and start writing this blog, which I have procrastinated on for so many years, is when he told the story of the talking parrot. The moral of that story is that “We must indeed die while we are alive. In order to be able to look back at our waking consciousness and see ourselves trapped in our cage (our body) and then we will see how unnecessary it is to remain caged.

Caged no longer, I am suddenly motivated and inspired to write this blog. Through this blog, it is my intention to share my story and reasons why I started the Healing Feeling and why I am so obsessed with helping children and parents. I feel empathically connected to them and I know what it feels like for a parent and child who seemingly has no control or very little control in their lives, and they end up pleasing those around them in order to be liked…or else they become destructive…or they passively take on the culture of being a living corpse until that time when they themselves learn that there is another way to live. Luckily, I found many mentors in Wayne Dyer and Andy Harrington to help me die, and live again. It is my hope that my blogs will serve to help you to live.

To make an end is to make a new beginning….T. S. Eliot

The fundamental truth is that I know, and have known intuitively for a long time, that I am uniquely here for this purpose and it is my job to understand what that is even more deeply, and to contribute for the benefit for others.

So the process of bringing other people to the benefit that I offer, in the case of what I am offering is a spiritual truth or reality for you, the parent, and it involves some amount of work with yourselves and some with your children before you get to the result. It is incredibly uplifting and life affirming. Anything that has any value takes time, takes challenge, it takes overcoming something that we didn’t think that we could.

I have music inside me, so to speak, and I now want to share it without the fear of judgement and the need to be perfect. I will never know everything perfectly and I understand that some people will be ready for what I have to offer, and others will be at least curious, I hope…and I’m fine with that now – I’m past impressing people around me. I am ready…finally….to share my story and my work. I’m ready to live.

If you would like to know more about what I have written, please feel free to leave a comment. I will endeavour to answer any questions through my future posts.

©Usha Chudasama

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