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The Brain Part 2: Fight, Flight or Freeze

The Brain Part 2: Fight, Flight or Freeze In the first part of this two part blog series we looked at the different parts of our brain and the different functions that they hold. Can you remember the three parts of your brain? Let’s recap: The Reptilian Brain: Our primal brain which focuses on meeting our […]

3 Simple Steps To Change Your Mindset

In March 2016, I ran a well attended workshop called “Keys To Changing Your Mindset”  in association with Sophia Hubs and Enterprise Desk. The focus of the course was to help business people adjust their mindset for success and many people who attended expressed how important this is and how much they appreciated the practical […]

5 Steps To Loving Yourself

“Every small step in the right direction becomes the start of something amazing”.  Many people are drifting through life thinking ‘this is my lot’ and settle for second best and not loving their life. The result however is that these people are not using their abilities to effectively create the life they long for or […]